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 The power of 23 languages, 120 countries, 300 employees, 700 partners, 5,000 developers, 70,000+ customers and over 2,500,000 users


Core values

B-Informed focuses on medium-sized organizations and smaller large companies. In the organizations we serve play major challenges that inspire us to think in solutions that you as a customer will continue.


Our customers expect 

around knife

A dynamic global demand for flexibility. We know that "there is a great place to" occasional need to.



The developments in the market and flexibility, acceleration, pressure on margins necessitate a higher pace of innovation and product improvement.Organizations and thus ICT must be flexible. B-Informed likes to work dynamically with a direct contact. Together to make something beautiful!



Our customers expect 
around quality

You know us and our technical people. Which you can simply call or email.



It sounds so obvious. That should be it! Meet expectations and fulfill what has been agreed. That is where B-informed continuously strives for. Clarity, mature project management, deep knowledge of ODOO, qualified people and especially job satisfaction are key.


Our customers expect 
efficient solutions

around efficiency

Efficient deployment of people and resources. Your ROI in mind. For us a matter of course.



Usefulness and necessity of flexible and cost-efficient ICT solutions will be bigger than ever. We combine your developments and challenges with the rapid developments in the Internet. So we like to come with you to the optimal solution for your question.


Our customer expects 
together around

 Only ours and combine your knowledge can lead to the desired result.

The time that advisers have just came to tell how to do it is in our opinion really the last century. Our pool and your knowledge to achieve results that delivers real solutions. Our deployments will therefore always in close collaboration with your key users. Together we build is what the world's best ERP solution for your organization.