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 The power of 23 languages, 120 countries, 300 employees, 700 partners, 5,000 developers, 70,000+ customers and over 2,500,000 users


This is us

B-informed is an organization focused on pragmatic business solutions for over 15 years. B-informed approaches ERP solutions not from the technology but from the added value. This is based on years of experience as entrepreneurs and business background.


Managerial knowledge and developers who understand how an organization works.

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We understand your business and share our experience with you.



Modern ERP software as ODOO provides many possibilities. With the deployment of these applications Bear B-informed to the development of its customers. Our organization is characterized by a clear representation, managerial know-how and a high degree of flexibility. An environment that can respond quickly to changes in the market or on request of the customer.


Customer satisfaction paramount 
No rigid support procedure, just call or email.
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You know us and our technical people. Which you can simply call or email.



Our main goal is a satisfied customer and that we achieve through regular meetings with the client, a good organization and a good price-performance ratio. The basis of B-informed is not in the ICT but in business administration. This allows us to understand better what is going on in organizations and how to translate this into pragmatic solutions.


Pragmatic and creative solutions 
Our drive is to provide simple alternatives to complex issues.

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Pragmatism means that we deliver results. Our creativity help us do that.



The services of B-informed, be tailored to the specific needs and ideas of the client. No standard but fully customized. We develop unique products for organizations, said with emphasis on efficiency and our creative spirit.

Our customers are facing enormous challenges.Makes the requirements of the times that people always should evolve faster. The influence of the quickly evolving ICT has increasingly affect it. In today's rapidly changing IT environment you are faced with a multitude of operational and technical challenges.


Better, Easier, Faster, Smarter and Cheaper 
Your logical goal and our challenge.

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We strive in all our implementations always to maximize the return on your investment.



Our services are aimed at information better, easier, faster, smarter or cheaper to operate. Maximizing return on investment. Improve information and exchange structures, internal and external communication, which is our drive.

The flexible organizational structure of modern B-informed is ready for these challenges. By combining one organization with the added value of a very broad potential to experts. We combine your flexible demand with the expertise to be of interest to you.Professionals that are specifically required for your needs.

We hope to inspire enough with our website. Of course we are always ready to better explain our activities and for you to give a demonstration.