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B-Informed update


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ODOO version 9 is out!

ODOO 9 is a major step forward. In the past year, the R & D team of ODOO with more than 150 people worked hard to raise ODOO to the whole new level.

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Significant improvements have been made, including:

  • New User Interface: A completely mobile friendly, nice layout easy to navigate;
  • Your complete ERP on your phone!
  • Accounting - made easy:
    • Invoicing by mail or mail in one click
    • supports all bank formats,  work online with 24,000 beds;
    • easier to handle recurring bills for example, subscriptions or contracts;
    • improved multi-company
    • Smart fiscal closures
    • simplified reconciliation
    • "Perpetuel closing 'real-time to see the financial performance of your business;
  • Inventory management:
    • a new barcode mechanism for efficient inventory management;
    • integration with major carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx and others;
    • RMA improved management.
  • ODOO signature: management of digital signatures in PDF;
  • Time recording: Super easy tracking time sheets using a simple mobile app or Chrome extension;
  • Dynamic tips and documentation in the application itself.
  • Projects: improved forecasting and felxibeler management;
  • Discuss: a new app to communicate internally or with customers, including @mention;
  • optimized marketing tools, WYSIWYG mass-mailing, VOIP integration and multi-site ecommerce.

 and much more......


Meet us at the ODOO V9 tour in Amsterdam

Meet us in Amsterdam for the official launch of ODOO 9 in the Netherlands. On Tuesday, November 17th , you are from 16:00 Welcome to The Office Operator in Amsterdam where ODOO 9 is presented. Afterwards there will be drinks and you can get acquainted with the partners of ODOO in the Netherlands.




All six organizations to go live in 2015, and 3.

In 2015, all six organizations led by 
B-informed successfully gone live with ODOO. Three organizations will also use this year ODOO for their business.

We thank these organizations for the good cooperation and look forward to a long relationship in which we continue to develop ODOO by efficiency and user satisfaction.

measuring richard 

Year end in ODOO

The last quarter of the year has come again. The end of the year is always a busy period. Also for the finance department. Monthly, quarterly earnings, financial statements, internal controls and so on. Often taking data in detail and institutions such as strings for a new fiscal year forgotten.

B-Informed offers to support you with a financial expert at the financial year-end. We will review your records to go through a number of points, balancing sets for the new year, check connection to sub administration with general ledger, account classes inspected for the purpose of transfer to the new year, versus connecting VAT ledgers and called afletteringsrekening. And if desired, with a critical eye to look at the layout of the ledger schedule and financial processes.

If you are interested in this support please contact us.


Each newsflash a new inspiration:

 who did it

We would like to inspire you and we come together to create the best solutions.

With kind regards,

Peter Dijkstra

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