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 The power of 23 languages, 120 countries, 300 employees, 700 partners, 5,000 developers, 70,000+ customers and over 2,500,000 users


Easily manage HR operations

HRM, employee-centered

All HRM capabilities and yet easy to manage.

  • ODOO employeesFull management of your pesroneelsgegevens
  • contracts management
  • Timesheets, expense claims and vacation days
  • Recruitment and selection management
  • Rates and cost
  • fleet management






Clearly manage and clear overview of hours worked.

  • ODOO timesheetInternal and external timesheet
  • Directly or book projects
  • Comprehensive billing options
  • Opportunity for activities and rates management
  • Also at home on-line for example, to introduce a tablet
  • dashboards






Overview personal billable expenses.

  • ODOO declarationsuser input
  • linking coupons directly
  • Direct financially by booking
  • Understanding each employee, department, cost type, etc.






Recruitment and selection management

Clear overview of your candidates and activities.

  • ODOO recruitmentStreamline w & s process
  • Management letters and candidates
  • Automatically connect to the most famous sites such as job board, LinkedIn, Monster etc.
  • And integrated online surveys