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ODOO Implementation

The first step 
Creating a Project Initiation Document

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Primary goal is to think along with you to achieve a sound and supportable project approach.

Generally we start a possible cooperation with conducting an inventory and creating a Project Initiation Document (PID). This PID is the scope, the configuration, as the planning and budgeting. This document then serves as a decision document for a possible implementation.

More than ICT 
An ERP implementation also affects organizational processes
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The introduction of an ERP system is part of ICT, but also has a certain managerial component.

The probability of a successful implementation increases as the business processes are defined thoroughly. What processes are there, who work with it, what is the function and what other processes have to integrate them. One of the main reasons to move to an ERP system, it is finally the interaction between different business processes.

Project approach 
A pragmatic, with both feet on the ground, approach

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Our project approach is based on Agile and Prince2, but only as a means and not an end in itself.

Our project is based on two principles: a proven method for addressing and carrying out an implementation project and an excellent cooperation between all concerned. Working together, quality and passion are important spearheads of our approach.Business knowledge, empathy and knowledge of your processes drawing people from B-informed. Thus we make a difference and we surprise.

The implementation 
Far-reaching cooperation to achieve something beautiful

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Working together, quality and passion are important spearheads of our approach.


Our implementation methodology is targeted based on the achievement of milestones. All aimed to achieve your objectives, time, functionality, acceptance and budget. Along with everyone in the organization make something of. During and after implementation. Together ensure optimum operation, there we go for.


Your own desires 
Our developers create what is needed based on an ROI

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Good software adapts to the environment. We develop what really adds value to your organization.

Before customer-specific requirements are developed, we look at what the work with you consequences are, what the alternatives are and what the benefits are.Preference will always be the default unless it clearly adds value.

For the development of customer-specific requirements in ODOO we involve the end users at an early stage. We describe the processes, requirements and wishes into a functional design. During development, we test it continuously with users.

We train your people "on the job"

round training

Through our extensive experience we are able to focus the training on what is necessary for daily work.

The form of training, we adapt to your specific needs. Our experience is that "on the job training" yields the best results. In that case, we guide employees in their daily work or in a specific project. In other cases it is more efficient to train a group of employees at a time where we buzz on the overall functioning and application of ODOO, tips and tricks etc. This combined with examples and exercises daily practice.

Go live with ODOO 
Good preparation, hands-on mentoring and intensive aftercare

around them

Always an exciting moment. With good planning going live, acceptance 
test and the guarantee of a hands-on guidance succeed!

We make a schedule, a live corridor plan and a migration plan, if necessary. This gives us good insight into the steps and risks of going live. After an acceptance test is planned live-ahead and implemented on the basis of plans.

The first weeks after going live are critical. During the first use are always things to light that need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Despite the testing, each going live points that no one anticipated.Acceptance by users provided that they are resolved quickly and visibly.

After live optimization 
If you really work with you just hit upon what ODOO can do even better.
around best

Running processes as expected and that is to achieve process optimization and functional improvement.



After the first few weeks it is good to evaluate.Where do the processes right and expected and where we can optimize it or leave smoother in ODOO. can often functional even small improvements lead to greater ease of use, where users years of enjoyment.