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B-informed distinguishes the following types of maintenance:

  1. Corrective maintenance and inquire Go Live
  2. Extensions and / or supplements
  3. Updates or upgrades

Thanks to an SLA agreement, the customer has a guarantee on availability and involvement of B-informed to follow any requested improvements and enhancements and to ensure the continuity of ODOO production environment.


For the registration and management of Bug's Issues, Features, Actions and Planning makes B-informed use of redmine.

Through a certain people access issues can be reported. These issues can be reported on the basis of a priority. Course may also contact be made directly by telephone.

In the process, one or several administrators to access the system.

Within the SLA B-informed has the following clasificatie of urgency:


Issues that need to be solved directly because the work is stopped.

B-informed reacts immediately and starts flush with the work.

Issues to be resolved quickly because the work is disturbed.

B-informed respond within one day and started within two days of work.

Issues that need to resolved quickly but do not interfere with work.

B-informed respond within one day and start within four days of work.

Issues to be resolved but have no direct impact on the work.

B-informed respond within one week and start within two weeks of work.

Issues that need to be resolved if there are no urgent issues.

B-informed will carry out the work if the issues are resolved with a higher priority.

Nice to have:
Issues that need to be solved, but which can be worked on as there are no other issues.

B-informed will carry out the work as the other issues have been resolved