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Complexity is your enemy

Any fool can make something complicated

It's hard to keep things simple

                                                                Sir Richard Branson

 About B-Informed | Jobs

Our flexible and modern organisational structure is ready for all these changes. By offering a wide range of experts within one organisation. We link our specific expert to your business question or challenge. We work with a team of great experts on a wide range of subjects. Professionals who understand your business needs.

Our customers expect

A dynamic world asks for flexibility. We know that sometimes you need to 'up a gear' to accomplish the requested result.

Market developments such as flexibility, acceleration, pressure on marges, request us to speed up the innovation and product improvement. We need to be flexible. B-informed like to be a dynamic business partner and a direct contact to your business. Together we can and we will create a great end result!

Our customers expect

You know us and our technical people. You can call or email them directly.

It sounds so easy and simple, and it should be. Meet expectations and deliver what is agreed. This is what we aim for. Clarity, Mature project management, thorough knowledge of Odoo, qualified and skilled people and last but not least "fun in doing our job".

Our customers expect
efficient solutions

Your logical objective and our challenge    

Use and necessity of flexible and cost-efficient ICT-solutions are bigger than ever. We combine your developments and challenges with the very fast developments in internet services. This is how we like to come to solutions, together with you.

Our customers expect collaboration

Only when we combine our knowledge we will get the results we aim for.

Purely an advising role is old-fashioned. Our and your knowledge will lead to real solutions. During our implementation project we will work closely with your core-users. Together with them we will build you the best ERP package for your organization.