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Functional environment

Based on the Project Initiation Document ("PID") and the business process a functional area is defined as a functional design. This is done based on standard templates of B-informed in which the default functionality in ODOO has been recorded. This allows a quick and clear picture of the needs and desires. A fit-gap is determined on detail level.

Components in Functional design are:

Processflow en approval matrix

  • Fencing

  • Parameters and settings

  • Configuration

  • Functionality to develop

  • Menu’s

  • Dashboards

  • Rights

  • Reports

  • Lay-outs and print mails

Technical setup  

DTAP (Develop, Test, Acceptation and Production environment)

The implementation process will be furnished a Develop Test Acceptance Production ("DTAP") street. For arranging the DTAP street B-informed uses the guidelines as shown here. It will be structured as follows:

The DTAP street runs the line of development from left to right and the data line from right to left. This of course with versioning based on release dates.


For the source code and module development using B-informed Gitlab. The source code of all developments are also available for the customer.

Odoo project issue management

For the registration and management of bug Issues, features, actions and planning B-informed uses the Odoo helpdesk module. This area is accessible for people involved in this project. Also, this environment is used for support.

Installation of Odoo

Odoo can be installed on its own server or hosted. At the start of the project an installation of Odoo will be realized.

On your own server
Odoo can be installed entirely on its own server.


Odoo can also be hosted. This is possible both with your own provider and with Odoo on and also through an environment managed by B-informed. The installation can be carried out if required and managed by B-informed at DeltaBlue, high availability Cloud Solutions. This is a platform specifically designed for Odoo and is very flexible and scalable. Through a data guarantee agreement, ownership of all data will remain fully with the customer. DeltaBlue can maintain your Odoo environment on many server providers around the world (AWS, Digital Ocean, Google and many others). For legal reasons, we always recommend that you save your data in your own country.. During the installation, an automatic backup procedure is set up which daily backs up to another external data center.

We recommend for more complex environments

For the more standard establishments we are happy to use