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All administrative possibilities and yet easy to manage.

  • Complete Dutch and international accounting

  • Multi national

  • Multi-company, inter-company and consolidation

  • Multi currency

  • Cost centers

  • Budgeting

  • Assets

  • Import and export bank information

  • (automatic) reconciliation

  • Handle online payments

  • Purchase and sales integration

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Clearly managed, clear statuses and clear overview of actions to be taken.

  • Print and/or mail and/or show in costumer portal

  • Payment Reminders 

  • Customer Portal

  • Contract Invoicing

  • Invoice from time registration

  • Recurring invoices

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HRM, the employee at the center

All HRM options and yet easy to manage.

  • Complete management of your personnel data

  • Contract management

  • Time registration, expense claims and vacation days

  • Recruitment and selection management

  • Rates and cost management

  • Fleet management

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Overview in personal reimbursable expenses.

  • User-friendly input

  • Link vouchers directly

  • Instantly book through

  • Insight per employee, department, cost type etc.

  • Automatic scanning of receipts via telephone

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Recruitment and selection management

Clear overview of your candidates and activities.

  • Streamline the w & s process

  • Manage letters and candidates

  • Online and integrated surveys